Visitors From The Past


The old people wearing old-fashioned clothes are actually near extinction humans coming straight from the decades long past.


Have you ever asked yourself why old people wear suits and official clothes all the time, even when they take a pastime stroll down the park? They are the last living examples of the fashion that we see only in movies today.

In the blooming change of society, brought to us by rapid technological advancement, sometimes a person from the past can be seen walking down our neighborhood.

Dressed in suits and shirts with flared collars and lapels, flat ironed pants and old-fashioned shoes, raincoats instead of jackets, some with a walking stick in their hand, these male outfits come straight from the past century. Many still wear hats. Their specs have old fashioned rims. Their face is orderly shaved and if having hair, it is combed to the side or to the back. Some even wear the comb in their shirt front pocket.

Women’s clothes include skirts or pants, blouses, jumpers, hairstyles usually being short curled or the famous Poodle Cut, as well as the old-fashioned purses over their shoulder. Some men and women can be seen with trendy sunglasses on, and that is the only piece of their clothing that keeps the pace with 21st century.

As for the so-called Third World countries, their outfits are more traditional and rustic. But anyway, every nation’s seniors are sort of time travelers. Not exactly the old people you see on television, but the ones you see in a crowd, in the market, on a park bench, or simply a next door neighbor.

The old population changes as fast as the youth, so does their fashion. But in comparison to youth, they’ve got something that is soon to be hanging in museum exhibitions. They come straight from the past as if their outfit has been hibernating for a long, long time.Their manners and mindset are different as well, but that is out of the scope of this blog. So, the next time you walk into this kind of people take a good look, for they are the last living creatures from the world today existing only in history books.


“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you was?”   Satchel Paige

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