The Importance Of Doing What You Like


About how we let our dreams down to do things we shouldn’t be doing


Since birth, we have been dreaming about doing something when we grow up. We have envisioned ourselves as a person with certain skills and a certain title – as something we want and we like. But not many of us have made it to that person. We gladly give up on ourselves just to be something we are not made for. Most often, to become something others approve. Something our parents, relatives, neighbors, and mostly, our society wants us to be. By doing that, we let the boy who dreamed down. We let our dreams wither.

There are situations when we cheer over someone else’s work or their appearance. There are also people that envy someone for his achievements, or maybe want to be like him, or even hate him due to vanity. But there are situations when certain work, people, act, or simply things, go far beyond any thought or spoken word, far beyond any description at all. It is for the Universe simply distinguishes natural things over all other such attempts.

We are all familiar with famous saying that one should be like water. But, only when we truly become aware of it, and of ourselves, can we understand its true meaning. We are that water. Life is a flow. Our energy flows, and every each one of us has its own route and course, as well as intensity. Trying to reach anything that is off our channel blocks the divine energy in us.

Society is like a race track. Individual pushes himself up the social “ladder”. At the same time, he uses that ladder to check out on the others, as well as to check his current position in the system. It’s like a treadmill with a mirror in front, placed instead of a control board. The whole time the individual runs faster and faster, checking on himself in his reflection. As he runs, he is unable to see that the treadmill leads to nowhere. In fact, it spins in circles. And if we minimize the perspective, we see that all the treadmills are lined next to each other. All the treadmills have mirrors in front, and all of them spin in circles. In fact, the whole pattern is a circle within a circle, on and on. And millions upon millions of individuals are running simultaneously. And none can see that. You and I are those individuals. Yet, as you read this, we are still running.

The divine energy and the course of the river are in you. That is not a cliché. But not many can actually get to feel that truly, for we look in the wrong direction, not knowing what we’re made for. Asking how are we to know that. Well, first of all, listen to yourself. What is the thing that you get turned on?

That vibe is easily recognizable. In fact, it’s like being in love. The person that makes you feel unusual sensations is the one. It is the same thing. Only, this love cannot break your heart. It is You. And the biggest sin is to let ourselves down. To let the kid in us die. And we do it every day. Just because the society says you need to bring something to the table in order to get money. But you invest your energy, and yet you are bringing it to someone else’s table.

You go to work every day, hoping that something is waiting for you right around the corner. Hoping that something will change, yet there is nothing around the corner because that is not your corner. And, if you find comfort in talking to someone, 90% of the people will say that it’s the way you must do things. Or, they’ll say that it is the way that life is. No, it’s not! That is precisely the way that life is not! Go down that road a bit longer, and you’ll wake up one day, realizing that you’ve reached your destination, yet nothing has ever happened. Still, you have that carrot in front of your eyes. Still you hope and, still, it’s coming. Or, is it?

Every individual has his own energy, and within it, his own path. The mistake lies not in your desire to be something you can’t, but in the lack of desire not to be something you shouldn’t. We primarily work for the money. And we tend to satisfy with small amounts because life is “such”, and we don’t have options. At the same time, the amount of money doesn’t get any bigger, yet the energy drops crucially. But, if you had been doing what you are passionate about, you would’ve had the infinite source of energy. Investing that energy into a greater cause will result in getting it back multiple times. As for the money, it would get in far higher amounts, making you soon realize that life isn’t “such” and that you do have options, now more than ever.

Imagine playing when you were a kid. You created the game the way you wanted. And if you went to a playground and the other kids or bullies wouldn’t let you play there unless you play by their rules, you would soon be gone… gone to another playground. It is the same situation. Even though you are older, even though the society seems much harsher than those bullies, you are still what you were as a kid. You are still out for your own game. And just because you can’t get it at this very moment, doesn’t mean you should give up and be an extra in someone else’s game. Be honest with yourself! Find the world that you have seen.

It is a great sin to give up on something we are made for. We already have it, we just need to win the place for it to manifest.  The water always finds its way. It is its nature. But, by ignoring our passion, we let it flow away. We let it go, only to turn around one day and realize that the playground has always been around the corner, yet the kid is no longer there.


“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”   Gautama Buddha

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