The Delusion of LIKES


On how a like button and the number of likes are just a mask of hypocrisy


Like has become the currency of social value. But is it really a thumb up after all?

Think about it. Social value is being measured in likes. The more likes you have, the “cooler” you are.
If there was no like button, a picture or a post would’ve been a real protagonist of its value. Therefore, the most popular things would be of a completely different content than the ones that people share today. Something more profound than the plain image of a self-taken photo. Something less primitive than a picture of your meal, or more conscious than checking in at a certain location. After all, why do you wanna let the public know where you are or what you eat? One word – a complex. I bet you don’t take pictures of your fried egg and a cup of milk in the morning. This only proves that you are taking a photo of the least usual meal, therefore you cling to it cos you’ve never had a chance to eat it before, and worse than that, maybe never will again. Yet, you present it as a common thing on your profile alongside cheesy captures. Well, isn’t that hypocrisy?

It is the same with the invitations to like someone’s page on Facebook. Why should you like something you don’t actually like? Even though you do that because someone is your friend, it’s still not a natural friendship manner. It’s hypocrisy. I wouldn’t like to have hypocrites in my list of friends.

The whole social media frenzy is revolving around the thing that “presents” a social status. Scrolling down your news feed is pretty addictive, and you have an insight into everyone’s lives. That is thanks to people being stupid enough to actually share their lives on the internet after all. The need for social acceptance is the core of such acts. In other words once again – a complex. Period. It is the vanity fair of a small town mentality, where everyone has a chance to be popular for a couple of minutes, so why not becoming popular for primitive “achievements”. No thanks.

Our ancestors used to sit around the fire and tell tales, as for their descendants, it has evolved into a virtual fireside – a place where everyone watches everything but sees only a white thumb. A thumb to feed the vanity. But it takes a bit of wittiness to realize that the white thumb is actually a middle finger. That it’s not what you see is what you get, but what you see is what others want you to see. So, think again next time you raise your finger, for it can be used for a way better purpose than that.


“If you wear a mask for too long, there will come a time when you cannot remove it without removing your face.”   Matshona Dhliwayo

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