In the gloom of circle spins

Between the future and the past

In the pool of dodging sins

Where the die of thoughts is cast


Every pain does hurt the same

Except the one that’s poking flesh

I do not want to play this game

Nor to feel the cutting bash


Sitting silent in the armchair

Sitting still or so it seems

Running through the labyrinth

Of entangled synonyms


Trying hard to watch my steps

Footprints of my thoughts grin back

Running for the exit fast

But I’ve lost sight of the track


Screaming silent from within

Vertigo around your brain

Falling but you never fall

Yet you feel enormous pain


A dreadful thought is in my mind

And I cannot get it out

Reaching out for help to find

That I’m the one that blooms the sprout


It’s just a puzzle in your head

Too much thinking, too much brain

Sometimes you think you’re going mad

The enlightened or insane


Who’s the thinker, the observer

There is no answer after all

Just the fact that I’m a human

The creator of the wall


The river runs forever more

And is flowing into the sea

The waves are crashing on the shore

To create another me


We search for safety outside

Close to catch the veil of bliss

And the safety is inside

Not to catch, but to release




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