Following Fashion Trends


The impact of fashion on narrow-minded people


Fish lips, ironed hair, plastic boobs, furry clothes and expensive smartphones are only some of the details that set fashion standards today, as well as the social status, thus making the owner of the “status” just another copy. But there’s more to it. By following lame trends, people not only get aligned within the same drawer, but they lose their identity in pursuit of their position in society.

Different styles of clothing exist so you can find yourself a combination that most likely depicts you. Actually, the one that is you. And the one that you are comfortable in. Constantly wearing stuff that does not suit you, just because it’s popular, doesn’t make you popular at all. In fact, it makes you dull. Yet, you cannot see that yourself.

Example. Pink and purple are considered to be gay colors. It is socially imposed that those are the gay colors (on the contrary, throughout history purple was a royal color, very rare and extremely expensive to make). However, the ones that accepted it as gay are the ones that are utterly against gay – mostly homophobes, rednecks, nationalists, religious believers and others. But, once it became an “IN” color, those were the first ones to accept it as a dress code in order to be popular and “in”. In order to keep the pace with the “status”. So, the people you’ll mostly see in purple sweaters and pink shirts at a certain event are wearing that just because someone said it is popular and trendy. In fact, they follow someone else’s game. Unfortunately, most of the people we know live that way. Most of the society actually.

Another example – girls with plump or injected lips. Since many cannot afford breast implants, and it seems like too much of an undertaking, they decide to do lip augmentation. It suits certain women to do that, but the majority is so wrong, mostly because they go too far with the enlargement. The aim to get prettier and socially accepted ruins their looks, and in fact, makes them ugly.

Those are only some of the examples, yet the list goes on and on.

So, what is the point? The main trigger is an inner weakness. A complex. But the spinning wheel is our brain. Actually, the lack of one. So, when it comes to being “socially accepted”, one would even get swollen and livid (read: purple), in order to get that. Searching for IN, one gets OUT. Once again, he cannot see that.

The lack of personal attitude, the lack of intellect, an unconscious and egoistic mindset, all makes us race for our “better” selves. A race for social acceptance and recognition, except that there is no finishing line. By following lame trends, people are buying social status, not realizing they become cheap replicas of one another. In fact, they lose the only thing that cannot be bought – their Self.


“If you walk in the footprints of others, you won’t make any of your own.”   Proverb

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