Achieve Anything You Want By DOING, Not By WANTING


A comment on “how to achieve anything” advice


You’ve all heard the sentence that says “you can achieve anything you want”. That is true. But the way to achieve it is wrong.

The advice on how to achieve anything you want focuses on wanting, not doing, which is the key to not achieving anything.

There are countless pieces of advice on youtube on how to do what you want in life, how to attract money, and how to achieve literally anything you want. All these revolve around a single law, the law of attraction. Taking into consideration that our thoughts are just a form of energy that is being released into the Universe, it can pretty much work that way. But there’s another thing that plays a major role, the essential one – doing it or going for it.

Usually, they’d tell you: think of anything you’d like to “have”. Then, “write” a list. Then, be more specific, add “details”. If it’s a car, what model and what color. They might even tell you to write down horsepower. Or to say that out loud. Similar to praying. Bullshit! Capital B!

I’d like to have Dodge Challenger Hellcat, 707 hp, tacky green. But even though I’ve been wanting it since it came out, still no sign of it. I wonder why. So much for the power of sole wishing.

As for the religious (read: divine) power of wishing, that is to say – praying, not much success either. I had prayed to God several times for different but important things, mostly ill family members. They would usually die soon. It did not happen because of the prayer, but it definitely didn’t help them either.

As for this article, no need to be extreme in an attitude toward those things. It’s simply an observation on how things work in general. It is very true, that you can achieve anything you want, but the power of achievement lies in you, and only YOU.

We have been spoiled since our very childhood by promises that someone will get you something. Whether it’s a God, a Santa, or just a destiny, these things can only lead you astray. Don’t expect that some invisible force will get you anything by simply making a wish, or thinking about it. It will bring you delusions. And disappointment. The invisible force is YOU! So, be sure not to wish for it, but work for it. For if wishing, you are wishing for something you’ve already got.


“Knock and the door will be opened to you.”   Matthew 7:7-8

2 thoughts on “Achieve Anything You Want By DOING, Not By WANTING

  1. Actions make our thoughts alive. Taking the right action is necessary.
    Nice article. You really pointed out about what is missing these days.

  2. Thanks. It is essential to realize that we can achieve anything indeed by actually going for it. And to bear in mind that life is a dance rather than a journey.

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