A Black Hole Within The “I”


Where is it?


Our life is short. A tiny dot in comparison to our planet’s existence. Yet, the Earth is a tiny dot in comparison to the Universe. That is the outer look.

But there is more to it in the other direction. Inside ourselves is not just medicine, anatomy, or psychology. Those are only the means to explain physical interior of something far greater than that. Something unexplainable.

Religious people would agree that there’s more to it than just a bag of bones. Atheists would say otherwise. But both sides seem wrong when it comes to the perception of the imperceptible – the unity of the inner and the outer depth. What creates us is what we are experiencing. We are the means, or the tool, by which the Universe experiences itself. The experiences are different, but the tool is the same. The tool is one.

As much as we have our own little world, we are the Universe. Once we become aware of it, that own, little world will become different. We don’t know if that will happen. But the consciousness is changing towards it. Take a closer look around you. But look with your mind, not with your eyes.

It’s weird and astonishing at the same time that anything exists at all. If there was nothing, it would still be something. Something or nothing, what is the source of it? Where is it?

Now, back to the closer look. Close your eyes. Observe. Notice, but don’t judge. The secret lies in you. You can feel it, but you cannot see it. Just the same way as the eyeball cannot see itself. But where is it?

A better question is – who’s looking?


“You are not the voice in your head – you are the one who hears it.”   Michael Singer

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