In the gloom of circle spins Between the future and the past In the pool of dodging sins Where the die of thoughts…

The Shame of Higher Prices

  About the feeling we get when we face prices we can’t afford

Achieve Anything You Want By DOING, Not By WANTING

  A comment on “how to achieve anything” advice

Visitors From The Past

  The old people wearing old-fashioned clothes are actually near extinction humans coming straight from the decades long past.

The Delusion of LIKES

  On how a like button and the number of likes are just a mask of hypocrisy

The Importance Of Doing What You Like

  About how we let our dreams down to do things we shouldn’t be doing

Following Fashion Trends

  The impact of fashion on narrow-minded people

What does it mean to be cool?

  A comment on “how to become cool” advice

Labeling a Relationship in Advance

  About imposing and projecting the type of relationship you wish for, instead of just plunging yourself into it